Sam Wadieh / Shot by wadz

A Los Angeles based Englishman creating moments in a vast array of genres, specialising in Interior Design/Real Estate.

I enjoy beautiful things, people and places. Photography allows me to create art by freezing that very moment in time. Being behind the lens is powerful, I've been tasked with capturing the essence of moment, and its going down in recorded history.


My background is football (Soccer) so that's where I really started my photography journey. I was new to the United States + Los Angeles, and there's so much to see, do and share with my world so I bought a $250 Nikon D3400 on Facebook Marketplace to take around the city with me.

Patrice Filin, a friend and the director of the Los Feliz based, Paris St Germain Academy mentioned that he was looking to raise his social media presence with video and photos for basketball and football clubs that he owned. It was a great space to make mistakes and learn the science of photography without pressure.

Around the same time I started studying for my real estate license, I would go along to ACME Real Estate listings with my camera, and just shoot things for fun.

Now we're here.


Someone once asked me, how did you know you cared about photography and wanted to pursue it? When I started spending an unhealthy amount of hours in front of Youtube watching videos on photography and gear it became apparent that taking and editing pictures was a passion.

As a photographer, once I bring the camera to my eye, I find myself scanning how many pictures I can compose in the scene, shifting my feet to change the angle, bobbing up and down to change the composition.

A Word from sam

In such a fast paced world where moments are fleeting, photos are memories, good photos are priceless. Keep snapping.

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